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Yerevan dating

After the Russian conquest of Armenia in 1828, Yeghvard became part of the Armenian Oblast and subsequently of the Erivan Governorate formed in 1850.

It is located 39 kilometres southwest of the provincial centre Hrazdan.

It was a large three-nave basilica built during the 5th and 6th centuries, under the rule of the Amatuni Armenian noble dynasty.

The remains of the 7th-century Saint Theodore Monastery -also known as Gharghavank of Zoravan- are found at the northeast of the town.

However, the area of Yeghvard has been settled since the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC, based on the remains of the "Seghanasar" ancient settlement found at the west of Yeghvard.

During the ancient Kingdom of Armenia, the area of modern-day Yeghvard was part of the "Kotayk" canton of Ayrarat province.

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After the Christianization of Armenia in 301, the region of Kotayk became one of the important centres of the Armenian Church.