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This is the important point that the “bowling ball on a sheet” demonstration is The Einstein Field Equations describe the stretching of spacetime as being caused both by the presence of matter and also by the curvature of nearby spacetime.

Gravity doesn’t “reach out” any more than the metal ball in the middle is. Gravity is just a question of the “shape” of spacetime.

When test after test always showed the speed of light was exactly the same, regardless of how the experiment was moving, Einstein said “hey, what if the speed of light is always the same regardless of how you’re moving? The left side of this horrible mess describes the shape of spacetime and relates it to the right side, which describes the amount of matter and energy (doesn’t particularly matter which) present.

This equation is based on two principles: “matter and energy make gravity…

Named after a meme within the entertainment industry based on the movie of the same name, starring Bruce Willis.

One of the most important action films of all time, if all the copycat ripoffs are any indication.

So, experience the original masterpiece that inspired countless knock-offs, like: "Die Hard" on a Bus, "Die Hard" in a tunnel, "Die Hard" on a mountain, "Die Hard" in the White House, "Die Hard" in the White House 2, "Die Hard" in a mall, "Die Hard" on a boat, "Die Hard" on this other boat, "Die Hard" in a rink, "Die Hard" on a train, "Die Hard" in a plane, "Die Hard" in another plane, "Die Hard" in the president's plane, "Die Hard" in a plane... At least one air vent passageway will be crawled through.

In physics we’ve got lots of math, which is nice, but no math should really be trusted to predict reality without lots of tests and verification and experiment (ultimately that’s where physics comes from in the first place).

Unfortunately no information ever escapes from beyond the event horizon.

Importantly, the curvature described isn’t merely dependent on the presence of “stuff”, but on the curvature of the spacetime nearby.

Instead of being emitted from some distant source, gravity is a property of the space you inhabit right now, right where you are.

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An old story says that the High Concept pitches for many action films basically went "Die Hard on/in a [location of the film]", until one day, someone tried to pitch a movie as " take place in an office building.

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