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Www londondatingscene co uk

But still the most fun date I have comes to mind... Talked through the night and the next 5 weeks together. We went off for a fabulous week in a romantic B&B, combined with hiking, biking, day trips, whale watching, browsing book stores together, fine dining, and incredible sex.

Listening to that Pearl Jamalbum to this day brings back that memory. I went on a date that turned out to be 3 dates in one day with the guy I dated back then. All in all, it was very nice and thoughtful of him, and it was a perfect day and date... A group of friends threw together a touch-football game on a late fall afternoon a couple of years ago. Alas, we could not overcome the distance problem.^^^sounds amazing.

And it that’s not the only good news – the WINK team have rustled up some special and exciting deals between 7 – pm, including: • £10 off all champagne – 50% off Prosecco • 50% off selected bottles of wine • £3.50 beers, single house spirits and mixers and medium glasses of wine • £5 cocktails and £5.50 champagne cocktails If this doesn’t bring out the flirt in you nothing will.

Wink event finishes at 9.30pm, but you are very welcome to move to the main gable bar for more fun after I can’t wait for this super event and look forward to seeing you there too.

I’m super excited to be involved with the newest and most exciting event to hit the London dating scene in a long time!

Brainchild of the awesome events company Monday’s Child London it’s set to be a fantastic night, with a fab crowd of people.

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Wink, is a new dating event with a twist – say goodbye to cringe worthy speed-dating events or singles nights in low-end venues where to decor is about as inspiring as the caliber of people, and hello to a fun, flirty, after work drinks evening in a fantastic central London location!

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