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Www 1islam rumuslim dating html

Islam does not give the same rights to women as it does to men.

In fact, the Quran clearly says that women are inferior to men.

In fact, Islamic theology erroneously reduces the Holy Spirit to the angel Gabriel.

This means that a marriage between a Muslim and a Christian would be unequal.

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In a way, Islam acknowledges this restriction when it forbids a Muslim from marrying a polytheist or idolater (Sura 1).

Likewise, though neither religion is polytheistic, Islam and Christianity are too far apart theologically and spiritually, notably in Muhammad’s denial of the Sonship of Jesus Christ, an essential, non-negotiable doctrine in Christianity.

The New Testament everywhere affirms the Sonship of Christ.

On a heart-felt level, the Muslim does not receive the Holy Spirit because he does not receive Christ as Savior and Lord.

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