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Every framework-level element (Framework Element or Framework Content Element) has a Resources property, which is the property that contains the resources (as a Resource Dictionary) that a resource defines. However, resources are most often defined on the root element, which is Page in the example.

Each resource in a resource dictionary must have a unique key.

Most controls include logic that will force another layout of a control if a Dependency Property changes and that property might affect layout.

However, not all properties that have a Dynamic Resource Markup Extension as their value are guaranteed to provide the value in such a way that they update in realtime in the UI.

To unblock a file, right click on it, and select properties, and then select the ‘unblock’ button.

A resource is an object that can be reused in different places in your application. This overview describes how to use resources in XAML.

You can also create and access resources by using code, or interchangeably between code and Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML). Note The resource files described in this topic are different than the resource files described in WPF Application Resource, Content, and Data Files and different than the embedded or linked resources described in Managing Application Resources (. The following example defines a Solid Color Brush as a resource on the root element of a page.

The example then references the resource and uses it to set properties of several child elements, including an Ellipse, a Text Block, and a Button.

In the previous example, the same resource sets two different properties: the Background of a Button, and the Fill of a Rectangle.

For this reason, if you use static resource references, you must design your resource dictionary structure such that resources intended for by-resource use are defined at or near the beginning of each respective resource dictionary.

Static resource lookup can extend into themes, or into system resources, but this is supported only because the XAML loader defers the request.

When you define resources in markup, you assign the unique key through the x: Key Directive.

Typically, the key is a string; however, you can also set it to other object types by using the appropriate markup extensions.

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This is because such references are not reevaluated if the theme is changed by the user in realtime.

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