Why are art museums intimidating

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For me, this church offers the best art-appreciation experience in Venice, because so much of its great art is — right where it was designed to be seen, rather than hanging in museums.It features the work of three great Renaissance masters: Donatello, Giovanni Bellini, and Titian — each showing worshippers the glory of God in human terms.After sorting through the monuments of Venice's powerful past, we'll cruise the Grand Canal and be dazzled by masterpieces of the Venetian Renaissance.Along the way we'll feast on Venetian treats, get a splash of modern art, then glide on a gondola through this city of elegant decay.

From his once-lavish (now sparse) quarters, you'll follow the one-way tour through the public rooms of the top floor, finishing with the Bridge of Sighs and the prison. While the Arsenale is still a military base and is therefore closed to the public, its massive and evocative gate, the Porta Magna, is worth a look (to see the gate, turn left at the Naval Museum and follow the canal).Its main drag — the Grand Canal — starts at the fish's mouth and winds through the center.Everything we'll see is within a 10-minute walk of the Rialto Bridge and St. Venice, more than any other city, is place to get out early and stay out late — to be swept away.Beat the crowds and enjoy the crisp morning air at or the cool evening breeze at (but closes earlier in winter, tel. Go inside to buy tickets; the kiosk in front just rents audioguides and is operated by a private company.Take a joyride and introduce yourself to Venice by boat. Mark's Square, starting at the train station (Ferrovia) or the bus station (Piazzale Roma).

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Located in Italy, at the north end of the Adriatic Sea, is Venice.

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