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Who is pip edwards dating

Though they were tiny (she originally thought they were mosquito bites, until she saw that they weren't healing), they caused the male students to go ape-like in their desires for her.Bebe liked the extra attention they gave her until this happened, and though she was rejected by the surgeon from getting breast reductions, she successfully broke the spell over the boys by wearing a box to school to hide her chest.She briefly became part of the boys' group in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", but only because of her early developed breasts.

In "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", she attracted unwanted attention from the boys and wanted them to appreciate her for her intelligence and aspirations rather than superficial traits such as her breasts.

Bebe also has a Machiavellian personality; in "The List", she, Lola, Jenny Simons, and (to an extent) Red, had altered a list their Sunshine Community made rating the 4th grade boys based on how cute they are.

In that sense, Bebe betrayed over half the 4th grade class for shoes.

Bebe doesn't want to end up like her mother; she would rather be a lawyer or a marine biologist.

However, she does seem more interested in make-up, partying, and dating than her friend Wendy. Stevens is occasionally seen in crowd scenes including, "Child Abduction is Not Funny", "Grey Dawn", and various others.

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After this episode, she appears normal as she was before, and her boobs weren't shown nor mentioned again; her chest was also devoid of the cardboard box afterwards.