Who is julius erving dating

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Who is julius erving dating

Even Erving's playing career was 50 percent mystery. He became an asphalt legend at the Rucker League in Harlem, and the documentary shows folks lining treetops and filling rooftops just to see him play.

He played before ESPN, didn't become a star until late in high school, went to an obscure college for basketball and spent his early years in a rival league without a TV contract. If you've ever been to a Rucker game, it gets pretty colorful.

Julius Erving was born in Hempstead, New York, in 1950.

He helped the New York Nets win the ABA championship in 19, before switching to the NBA and joining the Philadelphia 76ers.

You don't get the 100 percent essence of the man and the player, and really, who did? He was an underground star who was 6-foot-3 until he went to college and grew to 6-foot-6.

He has worked as a sports analyst for the NBC television network and as an executive for the Orlando Magic.

He has also pursued many other business opportunities.

That first year, Erving scored more than 27 points per game, and was selected to the All-ABA Second Team and the ABA All-Rookie Team.

In the spring of 1972 Erving's career took a complicated turn.

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