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Who is diem brown dating

The three friends are excited about the prospect of meeting cute rich boys at the party, and when they arrive, they find out about Marius von Fundshauser, a 13 year old baron from Austria.Grenda, Candy, and Mabel make a truce not to flirt with Marius because he is "out of their league," but Mabel and Candy flirt with him behind Grenda's back, rationalizing that Grenda's flirting technique is too aggressive.Upon finishing the milk, she speaks up in agreement to Candy's plan before collapsing to the floor and falling asleep.In "Scary-oke," Grenda attends the "Mystery Shack is Back" party along with Candy.Afterwards, they sneak backstage, discovering that the boy band members are actually clones being held as slaves by their producer.They release the boys and bring them to the Mystery Shack.Grenda is the first to talk to her, and introduces her to Candy as well.She and Candy cheer for Mabel while she tries to win the party crown in a competition against Pacifica Northwest.

In "Northwest Mansion Mystery," Grenda attends the Northwest Fest with Candy and Mabel.

At some point prior to the start of the series, Grenda became best friends with Candy Chiu, as seen in the episode "Double Dipper." Her voice was not always deep, as mentioned in "Double Dipper." At some point, her voice changed when she hit puberty.

In "Double Dipper," Grenda and Candy go to the party that Stan Pines hosts at the Mystery Shack together, also bringing what seems to be Grenda's pet iguana or an iguana that she is taking care of, and it is there that they meet Mabel.

Afterwards, she, Stan, and Mabel watch the Duck-tective finale.

Grenda is angered by the reveal that Duck-tective was shot by his twin brother, calling it a rip-off.

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Grenda tells Mabel that she wants to put Pacifica in a headlock and "make her feel pain" after Pacifica insults Grenda's voice by saying that she sounds like a wrestler.