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Now, fans got the public reconciliation they deserve!So, how about that Brothers fight even when they don't mean it!So nice to see that someone from ONTD decided to pass my work off as their own.

For those who don't know, Josh married his longtime girlfriend Paige O'Brien in Malibu on Saturday, and fans were quick to notice his former costar was NOT in attendance.What was once a happy place became associated with controversy and then pretty much abandoned.Someone however, supposedly wants to restore its glory. Certain family members of another arguably iconic entertainer of this generation are going around telling people that he’s purchased the estate.That's why old links to her blinds with numbers in the url (3400) don't work. frejasface didn't know any better when s/he went through and copied all my work and presented it as their own. It would be major, major celebrity real estate news.About a piece of property that once belonged to an iconic entertainer.

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  1. Beginning in spring 1998, it is being maintained and updated by Darcy Partridge. Williams (now Andy Affleck) was originally responsible for the bulk of it, but much extra material and suggestions come from members of the Friends mailing list and newsgroup.