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Friday Skout reopened the service to teens with new, focused and well-thought-out security measures in place.

They should be considered for best practices in this kind of crisis: Skout appointed a team of security specialists to analyze the situation, beef up security and innovate better ways to handle age checks in social apps. pedo websites: round two While it's important to note that Anonymous's targeting of pedo websites is not new (see previous coverage of their pedo attacks here), they announced last weekend that they are again are ramping up to take out more pedophile sites.

In a closer look at the chat spying, Reuters examines Facebook's methods for monitoring user chats and finds worryingly uneven results.

Flirting app exploited by pedos repoens with tight security Last month mobile app Skout closed the teen area of its social network when three adults were arrested after using the app to target minors and sexually assault them.

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