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While it is believed that bald eagles mate for life, a new partner can be chosen if one member of the pair dies or disappears.

Ozzie and Harriet have raised dozens of eaglets and celebrated many other milestones together, but the events of this summer proved that even the greatest romances can err in the face of temptation.

It has been reported that Ozzie lost a talon but is not seriously injured.

There, he will be able to take short flights and build his strength.Commenters said they were grieving “from the depths of [their] souls”; some admitted to “crying [their] eyes out.” Yet the ultimate sentiment was an uplifting one: “He is soaring even higher now!…Fly high baby, fly high.” More from Morning Mix A mystery inside King Tut’s tomb: Has Nerfertiti been hiding there for 300 years?The year was 2006, and Ozzie and Harriet had yet to become national darlings.Little is known about the couple’s life during this quiet period.

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She was approached by many eagle suitors — and some poachers looking to take their territory — but one in particular became a regular.