Vanessa hudgens confirms dating zac

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Vanessa hudgens confirms dating zac

They continued dating IRL and in two sequels for the following four years, but now that they've split up, they apparently have no contact with each other anymore.And it sure seems like Vanessa isn't the only member of the "High School Musical" cast that Zac has cut off — when the main cast had a 10-year reunion last year, Efron was notably absent.

Filming a TV series is pretty much like filming a movie, however, it requires a longer amount of time spent on the set, to film numerous episodes.Zac and Vanessa were spotted only two weeks before in Hawaii, celebrating Thanksgiving together.HOW DO YOU FEEL about Zac and Vanessa parting ways?Vanessa began taking on gritty, sexualized roles in movies like "Sucker Punch" and "Spring Breakers," before returning to a more mainstream career thanks to "Grease: Live" and her new show "Powerless."As for Zac, after taking on a few wholesome, Disney-friendly roles in movies like "17 Again" and "Charlie St.Cloud," he shed his Disney image in favor of raunchy comedies like "Neighbors" and "Dirty Grandpa."While their careers may be in different places now, I'm pretty confident that Disney fans will always know Zac and Vanessa as the high school sweethearts Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez in "High School Musical." The young actors won over fans with their love both onscreen and off when the first movie came out in 2006.

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Can you think of the lucky ladies who have landed themselves in Zac’s heart, too?