Validating server side client php security

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After you've signed up for your API keys, below are basic instructions for installing re CAPTCHA on your site.A full reference guide to the PHP plugin can be found below.Because HTTP is a text protocol, there are special requirements for handling binary data.This attribute lets you specify the value of the Each time you send data to a server, you need to consider security.This enables the user to provide information to be delivered in the HTTP request. It's the method the browser uses to talk to the server when asking for a response that takes into account the data provided in the body of the HTTP request: "Hey server, take a look at this data and send me back an appropriate result." If a form is sent using this method, the data is appended to the body of the HTTP request.Let's look at an example — this is the same form we looked at in the HTTP requests are never displayed to the user (if you want to see them, you need to use tools such as the Firefox Network Monitor or the Chrome Developer Tools).The way you access this list depends on the development platform you use and on any specific frameworks you may be using with it.The technology you use also determines how duplicate keys are handled; often, the most recently received value for a given key is given priority. Assuming you've used the method, the following example just takes the data and displays it to the user. You might display it, store it into a database, send it by email, or process it in some other way. When it is submitted, it sends the form data to php-example.php, which contains the PHP code seen in the above block.

The other files are examples, readme and legal stuff -- they don't affect functionality.When this code is executed, the output in the browser is Note: This example won't work when you load it into a browser locally — browsers cannnot interpret PHP code, so when the form is submitted the browser will just offer to download the PHP file for you.To get it to work, you need to run the example through a PHP server of some kind.If you want to use the PHP library to display the re CAPTCHA widget, you'll need to insert this snippet of code inside the with your API public key.Note that the value of the "action" attribute is "verify.php".

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Important: Version 1.0 of the re CAPTCHA API is no longer supported, please upgrade to Version 2.0.

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