Validating server migration biblical advice for dating

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Validating server migration

It also aggregates the best of two worlds: RCDevs specialised in the OTP/U2F Enterprise integration with its flexible and full-featured security back-end supporting a wide variety of user authenticators.Yubico focussed on user experience, usability and stronger security concepts with its Yubi Key product family and cost-effective HSM devices.In this document we will describe our state of the art OTP and U2F authentication solution offered by Yubico and RCDevs and how this solution can be deployed without disrupting your end-users and your company security.The U2F protocol moves beyond the traditional One Time Password (OTP) solutions, relying on shared secrets with validating third parties.Open OTP is the RCDevs multi-factor authentication solution.

Open OTP 100% supports all Yubico authenticator devices and form-factors.

The following describes a sample use case so you can understand how Yubi Key NEO and Open OTP can work together.

ACME has set up the Yubi Key NEO for its employees, and is using Open OTP to provide authentication for their internal systems.

In Open OTP, HSM are hot-plug and work in high-availability mode.

Multiple Yubi HSMs can be used in parallel, allowing for a simple and straight-forward upgrade path.

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Yubi Key OTP devices can be imported in the Open OTP device Inventory, making it possible to deploy thousands of Yubi Keys quickly and with little to no administrator actions.

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