Updating the garmin gps

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I was expecting the ALPHA's 2.5 second update rate to be more like 12 or 15 hours of run time, but we are getting 24 hours at a 2.5 update and 34 hours out of the 5 second update.

And that's without using the new feature called Rescue Mode.

You set a zone, and get alerts on your ALPHA when you dogs enters or exits a Geofence area.

Each ALPHA handheld can track a total of up to 20 dogs / handhelds.And there's a new user interface with the touch screen. ALPHA battery has a 34 hour run-time (in the 5sec update). The upside to a 2.5 second update rate is that you'll know if your dog is on point or has treed twice as fast as before.Instead of using toggle switches to change dogs, and intensity dials to select stimulation levels, the touchscreen interface lets you customize your ALPHA collar as much or as little as you want. A 2.5 second update rate isn't real-time, but it's twice as fast as the current Garmin Astro. The ID CODE is what differentiates one Garmin ALPHA collar from the next, so you can run many Alphas in the same area without interference.When using this option, your buddy's ALPHA unit shows up on your handheld screen just like one of your dogs (but with a different icon) For example, say you and I are hunting together.I can put your ALPHA handheld into my system, and I'll be able to not only watch where you are, but I can also locate you the same way that you could a dog.

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