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The next step will be to get the drafts adopted by an IETF Working Group.

In the meantime, publication of Internet-Draft documents can be tracked through the IETF: Internet-Drafts expire after six months, so our goal is to publish often enough to always have a set of unexpired drafts available.

This specification uses the underscore as a prefix to disambiguate reserved names from other names in 3 cases: is used as a prefix to operation names that are RPC-like additions to the base API defined either by this specification or by implementers.

The Service Base URL is the address where all of the resources defined by this interface are found.

Applications claiming conformance to this framework claim to be conformant to "RESTful FHIR" (see Conformance).

FHIR is described as a 'RESTful' specification based on common industry level use of the term REST.

This may be considered a violation of REST principles but is key to ensuring consistent interoperability across diverse systems.

Each "resource type" has the same set of interactions defined that can be used to manage the resources in a highly granular fashion.

There may be brief gaps as we wrap up each draft and finalize the text.

The intention, particularly for vocabularies such as validation which have been widely implemented, is to remain as compatible as possible from draft to draft.

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However, these are still drafts, and given a clear enough need validated with the user community, major changes can occur.

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