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The report found carbon dioxide levels about the MDPH guideline of 800 parts per million in six of eighteen areas surveyed.

It was noted that “several areas were unoccupied, which can reduce carbon dioxide levels.” The relative humidity level was above the MDPH recommended range of 40 to 60% in a number of areas.

Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire and keep it from spreading beyond the basement.

The house had working smoke detectors and the family, along with a pet dog, were able to escape without injury.

The ballot vote to approve the tax increase was defeated by a small margin of little over 100 voters.

As a result, the town records vault now has a tarp taped on the interior ceiling in an attempt to keep out water from the building’s leaking roof.

During a recent RDTC meeting, Paul Feeney was vetted by committee members and found to be honest, trustworthy, and one of high integrity. Feeney's experience as a former area selectman and as chief of staff to Senator James Timilty will undoubtably be an asset to Rehoboth.

Paul is sincere in every sense of the word and will work tirelessly for all Rehoboth residents as their State Senator,” said Paul Jacques, Chair RDTC.

The special state senate election is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17.The two most critical areas of concern are ventilation and microbial/moisture.“The building lacks a mechanical heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to provide fresh air to occupied areas.” Instead town employees open windows or doors, or use “fan only” on window AC units that occupy a single window in a room.The air quality report on the sixty-year-old, concrete block building was performed by the state during two visits to Rehboth in July after concerned occupants requested an assessment.The building was originally constructed in 1956 as a military facility at the Peck Street Nike Missile Site during the Cold War.

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Both methods become impractical during cold weather months.

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