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Given how he was at the beginning of the movie, I could definitely see this as how he joined up.

source: AOSrating: FRAOsummary: none providedwhy: Despite the fact that this is only a one-shot and the author claims to not be good with realationshippy fics, it still reads as a well-drawn out slow burn to a natural conclusion.

The best place to find out about the 268 Alliance and everything about Passion.

(It came out tuesday actually, ordered it tuesday as well). I jammed with JD and Helen today after worship practice … ” is what one person in our congregation asked when they heard that our district superintended of the Assembilies of God was coming to visit (well and speak). So yeah, If you’re interested in being part of the Randall Wong Band, let me know, haha. Think it was just because I was listening to a Third Day CD in the car on the way to the meeting. I came back, went to sleep, then woke back up, and have been working on things.

I’m kinda debating on doing one of them this Sunday (that What Else Can I Do song). Just ordered Steve Fee’s CD “Sacred Space” this week. Out of like 12 songs, I haven’t heard like 3 of them, and the rest of them I love, and would love to incorporate into my worship when I lead. Ones who most of all love to worship, and also have great talent.

(I still have pictures from there too, if you’ve never seen them).

Met some great friends there who I may see this summer in NY …

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