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Updating garmin nuvi maps

The Garmin GPS was one of the World’s first personal navigation devices for consumers to use in their vehicles, and the first of the product lines was the Street Pilot series which was succeeded by the Nuvi range and since then all their in-car GPS products have been preceded with the Nuvi name.

This is a short overview on the different types of Garmin Nuvi updates that are currently available including free mapping options and other software downloads to enhance the product.

Please call us 1-866-334-8865, if you need help with Map Update on any GPS Device.

Updating the maps and software on your GPS will ensure your GPS keeps up with these constant map changes.

Prices start low, so for the cheapest deals on Garmin Map Updates visit the official Garmin website.

If you cannot get a free update then look at doing a onetime map refresh on your Nuvi GPS device.

City-navigator map comes as either a download or on an SD Card.

The download option is of course the quickest, but some people prefer to be sent an SD Card, especially if there is not enough memory to have two different regional maps on your device – which can sometimes be the case with the older models.

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If you are going to be using your Nuvi GPS in a different country to the one in which you purchased the device then you will need to check to see if you have that coverage on the Nuvi.

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