Uncensored face to face chat the history of radiocarbon dating

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(Rachel doesn't answer) Did you really think I was going to send that? Gordon: If you sauté scallops in a non-stick pan, they won't stick. [Gordon's voice goes falsetto on the "STICK"] I don't know what non-stick means in Texas, sweetheart, but fuck me! Gordon: This..quite possibly the toughest decision I've had to make.

Did you really think I was going to go out there with the quail, burned to a cinder? You (the blue team) get on the sections and work together!

[leads Rachel into the pantry] What the fuck are you doing? Gordon: I don't know if you're colour-blind or you've got a problem with your fucking contact lenses, that is blood. Can we just cut the salmon into a slice without fucking around? I've got 11 tables waiting for main courses from the red team! Keith: [gives Gordon his jacket] So you're saying that Virginia's a better leader than me? Whatever station you told me, through the line with people that didn't know anything.

The first hour and a half of service, you were running it. The quicker you get rid of the attitude, you're going to shine. [pounds the counter]Gordon: (to Jean-Philippe at the pass) Take the lamb off the menu. That is the third dish from the red team that is totally impractical. [calls the blue team who have just completed their service] Blue team, come here! I'm so fucking determined to have a successful completed service.

Yes Elsie, you're pissed off, you should see what's going through my mind right now.

First time ever in Hell's Kitchen, we have completed a fully booked dining room.

Gordon: You know, from the first day I met you, Andrew, you're not the kind of arrogant, big-headed little twat that likes to be steamrollered. And you think that is bad, I'll tell you what, if you'll ever going to to make it. And from the red team, come back with someone that's leaving. I cannot believe you're actually attempting to fucking win a restaurant! By the time you get back in here, from the blue team, nominate someone that's going tonight. I'm, I'm, I'm--I'm dying to understand what's going through your FUCKING MIND! There, table seven, he's got them (to Rachel) And what's in it for you?

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(to Jean-Philippe) Ask one of the customers for his fucking glasses.