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Terri irwin dating news

It is important to note that Jewish law clearly distinguishes between terminal illness and progressively debilitating illness (a distinction that is often ignored in secular ethics discussions).

An incurable illness which will likely result in the death of the patient within one year is considered terminal with respect to Jewish law.

To remove the feeding tube from a patient whose only impairment is cognitive is simply murder.The key to analyzing any situation is to realize that good ethics start with good facts.One must provide the posek (halachic decisor) with an accurate, honest, and thorough assessment of the patient's medical condition.Halacha insists that patients with these illnesses deserve the same full range of treatment that is made available to any other patient. She is brain damaged and remains in what appears to be a persistent vegetative state.They are not "terminal" (until the very end stages of their illnesses) and must be aggressively treated without regard to the apparent "futility" of their lives. All of her bodily functions are essentially normal, but she lacks the ability to "meaningfully" interact with the outside world (although her parents claim that she does minimally respond to their presence and to outside stimuli).

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Nor does this mean that we do not appreciate that death may be preferable to a life of extreme pain.

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