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Tagg dating site

What can we derive from the best content of the 2017 Valentine’s season?We’re continually watching how brands are taking advantage of Facebook’s favored format, video.We combined likes, shares, and comments for Facebook, and later on, likes and comments for Instagram.

For dating brands, social media can be a receptive platform for inspirational stories, especially those about celebrities. Some of its other top posts were success stories from those who found love.Compare this with Grindr, which as the runner-up, only drove 19,000 engagements.This is a change from 2015, when Grindr didn’t publish anything to Instagram during this same period.Match, despite being a well-known dating site, didn’t post any content at all to its Facebook Page.e Harmony produced the most content with 88 posts, and the average amount of content posted was 36 posts.

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We’ve noted before that Instagram is growing in importance for brands.