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Yasuaki Shimizu: Kakashi (Palto Flats) LP “Originally released in 1982, Kakashi is another high water mark in the 80s Japanese underground.

Have a safe and happy holidays, stop in on Boxing Day for our usual sale and see you all in 2018! Love Theme – Love Theme (Alter) Carla Dal Forno – The Garden (Blackest Ever Black) Rakta – Oculto Pelos Seres (La Vida Es En Mus) F Ingers – Awkwardly Blissing Out (Blackest Ever Black) Anthony Linell – Consolidate (Northern Electronics) Dedekind Cut – The Expanding Domain (Hallow Ground) Total Control – Laughing At The System (Alter) Lebenden Toten – Mind Parasites (Self Released) and Static!

However, I have the cable model, Internet router, AND webcam on a UPS battery, so even with all the neighbor, street, & driveway lights out, the website continued to broadcast a live view of ... Here's an image with some light from an approaching car ... Compare to the image below from a few minutes later when the power came back on.

Here's a picture from yesterday of the last lawn mowing of the season - 17 total for the year.

(Iron Lung) Internazionale – The Pale And The Colourful (Posh Isolation) K.

Burwash – Moonlanding, Static Control – Debris, Soft Ions – s/t (Pseudo Laboratories) Mauno – Tuning (Idee Fixee) LP Six Organs of Admittance: Burning the Threshold (Drag City) LP Chad Van Gaalen: Light Information (Flemish Eye) LP Jom Comyn: I Need Love (Double Lunch) CS Why?

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: Moh Lhean (Joyful Noise) LP Grandaddy: Last Place (Columbia) LP Pissed Jeans: Why Love Now (Sub Pop) LP Bully: Losing (Sub Pop) LP Saltland: A Common Truth (Constellation) LP The Caretaker: Everywhere at the End of Time Stage 3 (HAFTW) LP Audible Songs From Rockwood El Michels Affair- Return to the 37th Chamber Midori Takada- Through the Looking Glass John Bender- Plaster Falling King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard- Flying Microtonal Banana Protomartyr: Relatives in Descent (Domino) LP Daniel Romano: Modern Pressure (You’ve Changed) LP Sheer Mag: Need to Feel Your Love (Wilsuns) LP K.