Sociology dating curve

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Preferably by insulting her and pretending you don’t give a shit about her. “Society tells men they’re supposed to be powerful, this is how powerful people act. They dedicate shows to horrible people who do nothing but party, act like coked out hamsters, pick fights and fuck.

Don't waste your time and order our essay writing service today!As they carp and moan and commiserate about how unfair life is, they’ll all agree that it seems as though women prefer to date assholes instead of nice guys like them, which provides seeming confirmation.After all, if their friends are noticing this too, surely this means that there’s something to it, right? There’s a hell of a lot going on under the hood that we’re not even vaguely aware of or even able to control on a conscious level, and these are all things that lead up to answer the question of “Will I fuck this person or not?Because of the way ape sociology works, the alpha male has the most access to food and the females.The apes below him in the hierarchy, the Betas, have a greatly reduced access to sex, food and basic dignity.

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I’m sure you can imagine how people might see this reflected in humans. So, if Nice Guys are Betas and assholes are Alphas, then it makes sense to try to emulate that behavior, right?

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