Six minute speed dating las vegas

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Six minute speed dating las vegas

“I killed it at poker and lost everything at baccarat,” replies a third. From waiter to group manager to special events assistant, Paul has worked almost every entry-level job at the resort. An elderly gambler soiled himself while playing slots and flung feces at a group of bachelorettes.

He knows a lot about the casino’s inner workings and asked that his full name not appear in this story for fear of reprisal from his employer. A guest wouldn’t believe snorting cocaine in the reception area was illegal.

God, the glitter.” Keng Joo always books the same 2,000-square-foot, ,000-a-night penthouse on the top floor.

The management is happy to oblige, regularly comping him free services like a private airport hangar for his Gulfstream G450, or a Bentley Mulsanne every time he needs to go out.

I gave up counting his losses after the first million, but his luck at roulette probably has him slightly ahead at last. Impervious to the dealer’s cues to stand on a hard 17, his friend forfeits about four grand in the span of a minute.

You can feel it in the timeless night – or is it day? Keng Joo spends a week in the gambling capital of the world every year. His partnerships in several venture capital firms never contradicted his habits so far. Dubai is nice, but Vegas is the real deal, you know? ” Like most of the forty million visitors who come to Las Vegas every year, Keng Joo is here to unwind and gamble.

– and in the vodka-infused breaths, as heads go lighter when the chips totaling more than 0,000 get counted and pushed toward the winner. “I’m just living the life, man,” he says, smiling and sipping on a glass of Macallan 1950 single malt whisky ordered from the MGM Grand’s reserve. The resort he stays at is a cluster of curved glass buildings rising from the Strip in a silvery flare.

Strangers shout at the top of their lungs until their lungs are shut out of air.

You can feel the heat being released like lava and undulating over the cheering people. The winner is Hari Keng Joo, a stubby Malaysian entrepreneur in his thirties.

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Bruce Willis is in the lounge behind us, gently explaining to a college girl how to play craps. We gobble on self-gratification like dogs on their own shit.” We soon head back to Keng Joo’s exclusive pool party where he talks in Malay with a short man in a tuxedo who I understand is his younger brother.

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