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I get asked all the time to cover how to make pixel art, so I’ll cover that first. In this part of my Video Games Tutorial I show how to make the hardest part in Pac-Man, which is the Ghost AI Algorithm. This time we will Find out How to use Multiple Audio Sources, Set up Sound Effects, Allow Ms.

I’ll show exactly how I drew Link and then I’ll draw a ground sprite as well.... We’ll Create the Ghost AI so Ghosts Circle Around the Maze on their own, They’ll React to Collisions with Pivot Points and They’ll... Pac-Man to Eat Dots, Set up the Interface, Update Scores when She Eats Dot and a whole lot more. The most common question that I get is How I Make You Tube Videos.

I’ll focus this time on something I have not covered before which is how to create the AI for our villain so that he will travel on his own around the game board looking for Link. In this part of my How to Make Video Games series I will continue making a Zelda clone.

We’ll be taking a look at how the Tiled Map Editor can make it easy to design levels. In this part of my How to Make Video Games Tutorial we’ll cover how to animated Link, moving Link, creating a game board array and numerous other things. I decided to show 2 ways to create Link and the game...

I’ve decided that my next tutorial series will be really big and will answer many of the questions I receive.

The only problem is that most people either want to see an Android / Games Tutorial, or a J2EE / Application Development Framework Tutorial? Clojure is a functional programming language based on Lisp that runs on the JVM.

I recently received a Peloton cycle and I thought it would be fun to talk about my experiences.

I’ll cover why a stationary bikes are amazing at improving your health.

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I also cover how to use safety pins to save your...