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This is an official Spin the Bottle production, and Low is credited as an executive producer.

Artists such as Billy Joel, Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers, and The Police, as well as others such as director Mark Pellington and Sony Music Entertainment president Tommy Mottola complained about what they perceived as harsh treatment on the show and the videos in which they were featured were pulled.

For a time, it was the highest-rated program on VH1, though Behind the Music overtook it by 1998. Most episodes of Pop Up Video play four or five music videos each, selected to include new, older, "classic", and "campy" videos.

The bubbles that pop up in each video generally appear about every 10–15 seconds; their content is divided between information about the recording artist featured, the production of the video, and random facts inspired by the theme or content of the video.

Pop Up Video is a VH1 television show that "pops up" bubbles — officially called "info nuggets" — containing trivia, witticisms and borderline sexual innuendos throughout music videos. In October 2011, Pop Up Video was revived by VH1, featuring new videos with new trivia and commentary.

The show was created by Woody Thompson and Tad Low and premiered October 27, 1996. The revived production was continued by Eyeboogie Inc.

The show's creators called these "the Pops They Stopped." In contrast, some artists, including Joan Osborne and Paula Abdul, made appearances on the show to provide further information on their popped videos.

Pop Up Video is most frequently compared to the contemporaneous television programs Beavis and Butt-head and Mystery Science Theater 3000, which were known for their on-screen commentary ridiculing, respectively, music videos and films.

In January 2000, the spinoff program Pop Up Quiz debuted on VH1.Lee Teschler of Machine Design magazine talks to Frank Langro of Festo about the Aqua Jelly, a robotic jellyfish that shows off their technology in a creative way inspired by nature at Inter Solar 2012.Aqua Jelly Lee Teschler of Machine Design magazine talks to Frank Langro of Festo about a Bionic Handling Assistant that weighs about one pound and aims to keep workers surrounded by automation safe in the event of a collision at Inter Solar 2012.Utilizing the same format as Pop Up Video, the show presented trivia questions inspired by the content of each music video shown; The 25th anniversary DVD release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show features a Pop Up video clip of one of the film's musical numbers, "Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul", as an extra on the second disc.MSG Network currently airs a show called TXT MSG, which gives the "pop up" treatment to classic sporting events from MSG's library.

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One of the show's staff writers is assigned to each video.