Shadi com dating site

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Shadi com dating site

There cannot be a better case to build and organize an unorganized segment in India which was the proof of concept for matrimonial websites which set shop and took advantage of this.

Since then the traditional business of marriage has been under serious threat with the rise of websites like,, Bharat and others.

Orkut was one of the first websites which faced this backlash which was also one of the many reasons that led to its demise.

A platform that gets both males and females on a single platform to interact will always be readily adopted by males in the country due to skewed sex ratio and on top of that the horribly skewed gender balance of the internet population in India.

There were users who never wished to be identified or found on the websites.

However, there still remains a huge population out there that considers the daughter’s wedding a more sensitive issue and a task that needs to be completed.

So much so that it is now predicted that the online marriage business will be worth Rs.1500 crore by 2017.

Source This space is ever so active and now going to explode with Bharat Matrimony, the leader in online matrimonial business has filed for an IPO with SEBI looking for a valuation of more than Rs. Source One of the first movers in this category and the market leader now realized the trick to game the entire online match-making business.

The matchmaking has been a part of the Indian marriage scene since forever.

However, as time passed the baton to fix marriages has changed hands from close and distant relatives to agents and brokers to astrologers and pundits to newspaper classifieds and finally matrimonial websites now.

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If you see closely when it comes to the communication strategy of online matrimony services, almost all of them have followed a similar trend. Almost all the TV ads will always have the girl either as the protagonist or the subject. According to an IAMAI report, women will constitute only 33% of the overall internet population by 2018 which is expected to be around 550 million internet users.