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Secondary functions were to determine readiness for sex; to learn about sexual performance, including understanding sexual roles and responsibilities (e.g., "top" or "bottom"); to introduce sexual performance scripts; and to develop models for how sex should feel (e.g., pleasure and pain).Youth also described engaging in sexual behaviors (including condom non-use and/or swallowing ejaculate) that were modeled on SEM.In a sample of mostly heterosexual Black men, SEM or pornography, acted as a key source of sexual information during early sexual socialization providing men with information (Hussen, Bowleg, Sangaramoorthy, & Malebranche, 2012).Young Black men in first same-sex sexual relationships describe being socially isolated in their communities (Jamil, Harper, & Fernandez, 2009; Rosario, 2004) and, as a result, rely on non-traditional informal structures, such as sexual partners, to learn about the larger community and sexual scripts (Arrington-Sanders, Leonard, Brooks, Celentano, & Ellen, 2013).

Larger social norms regarding sex and sexuality are thought to dictate the level of access to same-sex information sought or obtained by Black youth (Chatman, 1996).Further, the combination of gender and sexual role expectations, and concepts of masculinity in Black communities (La Sala & Frierson, 2012) may make SEM more attractive to Black adolescent men who are attracted to other men because of the need for an outlet to escape from social marginalization and isolation.The present study seeks to understand the role and function of SEM on sexual development among Black adolescent males who engage in sex with other males and whether young men describe that SEM impacts sexual and risk-taking behavior during first same-sex sexual relationships.Comprehensive sexuality education programs should be designed to address the unmet needs of young, Black SSA men, with explicit focus on sexual roles and behaviors that may be inaccurately portrayed and/or involve sexual risk-taking (such as unprotected anal intercourse and swallowing ejaculate) in SEM.This work also calls for development of Internet-based HIV/STI prevention strategies targeting young Black SSA men who may be accessing SEM.

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Adolescent males engaging in sex with other males have limited access to sources of information about same-sex sexual activity (Bruce & Harper, 2011).

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