Sex dating in wixom michigan

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Sex dating in wixom michigan

They are really on top of the maintenance at this complex. I live in first floor and hear only 2nd floor foot steps and their conversation and watching TV. Also, during my second call on 01/28/2016 (at 2 pm for 1 minutes and 3 seconds), I left a voice message ( since it seems that the staff do not answer the phone often) to let the office staff know that I will be moving out by end of Feb (02/29/2016).

They've simply givin me quick answers and the run around for over a week. Problems seem to never get resolved I've had problems with my furnace for over a week. Mind you I have a two year old daughter that stays with me and it's currently winter time !!! So if you want to move into a community where the staff doesn't care. * No lighting at night in lots , completely dark * Horrible management * Terrible response time if any * Maintenance enters your home with no foot protection tracking dirt and debri into your apartment * Takes forever to get problems resolved -side note, nicest person is Arron the book keeper I have been here almost a year, I dislike the fact that I come home and have noticed maintenance have been in my apartment.Wow so I have to hear hamers and music every morning.It's ridiculous I would rather stay at a motel least I know I can sleep. Not a single call back asking am I or my daughter is ok. Back to my heating problem I've left Kyle a message and the other guy. Back to my heating problem I've left Kyle a message and the other guy. ' yellow sac spiders ' took them two months to move me out of there into my second floor. My biggest problem with them is the staff including management.

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This is literally the worst apartment I have every lived at in my ENTIRE life . I realized why previous first floor neighborhood already left this place and it was empty house after I arrived here. If you need a first time apartment and are on a tight budget, give The Village a try. I am moving out in a few months due to wanting a bigger place and new scenery. I have heard some pretty awful things about what other tenants have encountered here, but I have been fortunate enough that I have not encountered them.