Sex chat without making an account quotes about older women dating younger men

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Now, 15 years later, a man named Michael Egan III has filed civil suits accusing those four of misconduct that could supply material for an especially lurid episode of .

Specifically, Egan alleges that Singer, Ancier, Neuman and Goddard drugged him and forced him into sex at parties in Encino and Hawaii -- starting when Egan was only 15.

Egan and other plaintiffs also named several John Does but did not include Singer or the others he now is accusing. By far the most high-profile of the four defendants is Singer, 48, whose enviable career began with the 1995 breakthrough film , set for release May 23, saying in a statement that he does not want to be a distraction.

Singer long has been known to have an affinity for a certain type of man.

Based in Bay City, Mich., it allowed computer users to avoid long-distance charges when dialing electronic bulletin boards -- precursors to online chat rooms.

It is unclear exactly how Singer first made contact with Collins-Rector, but many in Hollywood and beyond clamored to do business with his Digital Entertainment Network.

"He made a big splash because he had lots of money and was willing to spend it," says a former DEN executive.

Other programming was eclectic and aimed at young demographic groups, including Christian youth.

Sometime after making his 1998 film , a thriller about a high school student who discovers a fugitive Nazi war criminal in his neighborhood.

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In 1995, Collins-Rector and Shackley made millions from selling a controlling interest in the company.