Serbian dating customs speed dating redondo beach

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Serbian dating customs

Kosovo, in the south, is considered the cradle of Serbian civilization.Its geographical formation is two basins surrounded by mountains, including the highest peak in Yugoslavia, Daravica, with an elevation of 8,714 feet (2,656 meters).

The Nemanja Dynasty continued to rule for the next two hundred years, a period considered a golden age in Serbian history.Slavic tribes, whose descendants today form most of the population of the region, arrived in the sixth century.The Byzantine Empire ruled the Balkans for centuries, until the 1150s, when Stefan Nemanja, a leader of a Serb clan, united many smaller clans to defeat the foreign power.Vukov Sabor is the oldest and largest cultural event in Serbia.Dating back to 1933, it takes place in the wonderful surroundings of village Tršić that contains old Serbian architecture; it involves artistic performances in honor of Vuk Karadžić.

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In southern Serbia, the province of Kosovo is primarily Albanian, and has an Islamic culture that bears many remnants of the earlier Turkish conquest. Serbia is a landlocked territory in the Balkan Peninsula of Eastern Europe, bordering Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania.

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