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Sedating herbs

a species widely distributed throughout western North America, is one of over 15 valerian species native to the United States.

It is smoked as a ritual tobacco by a number of North American Indian tribes.

These substances may cause perceptual changes especially dreams or cause feelings of euphoria. All parts of the plant (leaves, flowers, stems, seeds, and roots) have been used for their sedative and mild psychoactive effects.

Psychoactive plants and compounds in this group include poppy, valerian, and passionflower. This species is commonly used as a painkiller and mild sedative in the same manner as opium among the Indians of northern Mexico.

In the old Germanic world, valerian was hung from doorways to protect the home from evil spirits and as a fumigant (incense) against witches and devils.

During both World War I and World War II, valerian was used to treat shell-shocked troops and calm civilians from the psychological nervous effects of air raids.

Sedatives generally work by modulating signals within the central nervous system.

Insomnia is a lack of healthful, restful sleep and is a common problem experienced by as many as 20% to 30% of American adults at various times in their lives and can be the result of anxiety, stress, irritability, or excitement.

Sedatives are compounds that calm people, reduce anxiety, decrease awareness of one’s surroundings, or lessen one’s physical ability. The California Indians have used the golden poppy for medicinal and psychoactive purposes since prehistoric times.It has been introduced in many tropical areas of the world, particularly the several species that are grown commercially for their delicious edible fruits.Passionflowers are fast-growing, perennial vines that have become exceedingly popular throughout the world as ornamental plants due to their beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors.Sedative herbs are used to relieve irritability and promote calm and tranquil feelings.(also see: Narcotic) Having a soothing, calming, or tranquilizing effect; reducing or relieving anxiety, stress, irritability, or excitement.

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It has a long history of medicinal use as a sedative and narcotic.