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Sccm hardware inventory not updating

If we look back at this experience with the Company Portal Widget and the links, this is not a really nice solution and we don’t want to talk about updating or removing a web link in this scenario.

(which is not possible) Yesterday I was at a customer in Denmark discussing this solution, and while discussing this I remembered the new options [...] As most of you already know, Microsoft has released a new function in Config Mgr to run scripts directly on computers and/or servers in your environment.

Kind of a catchy title and perhaps a bit scary but nevertheless this is often what I think when looking at the number of legacy Windows operating systems and Management systems “out there”.

We will grant access to the SYSTEM account since it’s the account used during the SCCM task sequence.#Take Owner Ship of the files TAKEOWN /f C:\Windows\WEB\Wallpaper\Windows\img0TAKEOWN /f C:\Windows\WebK\Wallpaper\Windows\*.* #Set permissions for SYSTEM Account ICACLS C:\Windows\WEB\Wallpaper\Windows\img0/Grant ' System:(F)' ICACLS C:\Windows\WebK\Wallpaper\Windows\*.* /Grant ' System:(F)' #Delete the files Remove-Item C:\Windows\WEB\Wallpaper\Windows\img0Remove-Item C:\Windows\WebK\Wallpaper\Windows\*.* #Copy the files Copy-Item $PSScript Root\Default Res\img0C:\Windows\WEB\Wallpaper\Windows\img0Copy-Item $PSScript Rootk\*.* C:\Windows\WebK\Wallpaper\Windows The latest Windows 10 feature upgrade includes a new feature that automatically installs a few apps from the Windows Store.

Some apps like Candy Crush and Minecraft gets installed, we don’t think that belong to a work environment so we’ll delete it.

I have 10k workstations, and with resources i can't keep up with 6 monthly releases.

With the products i have to get updated/tested/confirmed [...] Last year I wrote a blog about how the experience of deploying web clips or web links on Android devices looked like and how you were able to force them to be opened in the Intune Managed Browser.

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You could also do all those modifications through group policies if you want to enforce those settings.