Reggie bush not dating black women

Posted by / 09-May-2019 04:37

Reggie bush not dating black women

In looking at these pictures I notice that a lot of brothers are now dating Asian women, and there’s nothing wrong with that because when two people are in love, their skin color shouldn’t matter.

Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams married her NBA baller hubby to gain access to the glamorous life, but she has plenty of positive personal attributes to fall back on.

While she has was never married to Nick Cannon or Reggie Bush, or any of the other high profile black men she has been linked with, it is safe to say that she connected with them as a path towards fame from obscurity.

It is certain that she never expected a sex video with a minor R&B star to be her ticket to fortune, but when her number came up, she ran with it.

Can you blame her for using his cash while she could to start her own clothing line?

She certainly has the design chops, as her frocks are gorgeous.

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But we are not here today to judge whether being a gold digger itself is bad or good, or what a women should do once she snags that man with cash.