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and i wish i can get an awd 2g but its to much$$$ pesos!!but i also was thinking as a weekend racer to possibly get an 1st gen awd model and gutting it building it and its still my goal to do somthing like that its jus one has to take his time and think and see what he gets himself into!!An area of paint from the body has stuck to the neck leaving a bare spot in the neck pocket that is an exact match to the glob stuck to the neck.The website guitar has some great information on Fender custom colors, and for those wanting to dig deep into vintage automobile colors, check out On Neck-Thru-Body models, the serial number is stamped into the fingerboard at the last fret.By painting the same subjects at different times of the day, he was also able to capture the fleeting effects of light and shadow.Monet replicas printed on flat paper simply don't have the same beauty as these detailed oil painting reproductions.

Many Filipinas are very perceptive and responsive to the aura or attitude of men who are in the zone.Regarding guitars, in mid-1971 the usual four-bolt neck joint was changed to one using only three bolts, and a second string tree for the two middle G and D strings was added in late 1972.In 1982, the Squier brand was reactivated by Fender to become its brand for lower priced versions of Fender guitars.Be patient and playful as you continue to read her body language.I love it so much that I could hardly resist eating leftover lasagna for breakfast.

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With his loose brush strokes and warm color palettes, Claude Monet added a visceral feel to his portraits of natural landscapes.