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Finally, he is co-director of a collaborative University of Kentucky and University of Indianapolis research project investigating the Spanish Mission period in Georgia, where he is researching the social roles of material culture in multiethnic communities. Moore's publications and learn more about him at: Moore.Education Ph D, Anthropology, University of Kentucky MA, Anthropology, University of Kentucky BS, Archaeology/Anthropology, University of Indianapolis Fun fact Dr.This research has led him to an interest in public archaeology and the public dissemination of archaeological knowledge.His work at the Baum's Landing Site is an outgrowth of this interest. Moore's commitment to archaeology in the Hoosier state has led him to an interest in landscape archaeology in Carroll County and the study of Fort Ancient cultures in Southeastern Indiana.Faculty are often called upon to lend their expertise in fieldwork, and their research has been published worldwide.Areas of Expertise Midwestern and Southeastern prehistoric archaeology; hunter-gatherer archaeology; Spanish Mission period archaeology; Midwestern historic archaeology; lithics and ceramics analysis; bone tools analysis; geoarchaeology; archaeological theory Background Dr.

Once a population's diet is reconstructed he then documents the condition of the rest of the skeleton to see how through time certain pathological conditions (like bone disorders and trauma) are associated with each dietary regime early people had. Schmidt's current research focuses on reconstructing lifeways for the earliest inhabitants of Indiana. Research Interests investigation of different aspects of skeletal biology; population genetics; skeletal DNA Education Ph D, Anthropology, Temple University Areas of Expertise native cultures of the American Arctic, Eskimo dwellings, visual stereotyping of American Indians, photography Background Dr.Areas of Expertise biological anthropology and Eastern Woodlands archaeology Background Dr.Schmidt received his Ph D from Purdue University in 1998.According to his course syllabi, obtained by Campus Reform, if students feel “unduly stressed” by grades given for any assessment during the course, they can “email the instructor indicating what grade [they] think is appropriate, and it will be so changed” with “no explanation” required.Students who feel stressed by “group dynamics” are also permitted to walk away from their work groups without explanation, and will only be graded on their individual work thereafter.

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