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There’s also evidence it’s emerging as a startup hub in its own right, as increasingly aggressive angel investors and venture capitalists seek opportunities outside larger West Coast markets. Like Seattle, Portland’s population is swelling with transplants from other parts of the country and world – notably California, which has been sending economic refugees north for years.

The new arrivals have pushed the city’s construction industry into overdrive, transformed formerly downtrodden neighborhoods into yuppie redoubts, and pushed working-class residents into less convenient areas on the city’s periphery.

Regarding the health of a pet you plan to buy: Because you love animals enough to include them as part of your family we know that you want to help reduce the cycle of suffering that is involved both with puppy mills.

Be aware that it can be difficult to know the history of your purchased pet because online pet sales can be a lot like online dating – its easy to post a photo that isn’t anything close to reality.

There are so many wonderful animals are in need of loving homes waiting to be part of a family such as yours.

Today, the West Coast’s long-running tech boom is transforming Portland into a vibrant back office for big Seattle and Silicon Valley companies.

Even if you adopted from a no-kill shelter you have still saved at least one life. Well for one, the shelter now has an open space to bring in another animal that might have otherwise been surrendered to a facility that is in the position of having to euthanize otherwise healthy & adoptable animals because of lack of space.

Additionally, you have made a choice that does not perpetuate the profit motive which leads to the cycle of suffering caused by those breeders who consider their animals as mere “merchandise”.

They should all be considered as great resources when looking for your new best friend.

However if you need to surrender your pet for any reason, then you want to be aware of the euthanasia policies of the shelter that you bring it to.

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