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Passion4dating com

This will happen for as long as you do not notice the scam and cancel your paid membership.

If you were suspicious of the legitimacy of the email, chat and instant messages, notifications, and ‘winks’ you sure were onto something. ” and a real person wouldn’t have written that simply because we had no photographs where a conclusion that we are ‘cute’ can be drawn.

If you did your own research you’d have to be skilled to know where to look and find’s fraudulent workings.

That’s why, The Dating Cop Team did the hard work and will now present solid evidence that indicate should not be trusted.

Other than creating a profile and using the service, we thought it would be a great idea to read the terms and condition of use, as well as the privacy policy of

What inspired us to do this was the well-known fact that nobody ever reads these documents, which makes them a perfect place for scamming dating sites to hide evidence of their conning acts to provide them with legal protection. We took notice on several conning workings of when investigating it.

Every time you see someone and would like to start communication – you are taken to the payment page, where you can choose one of the following payment plans: Another thing you should be aware of is the automatically recurring membership that you are not notified about by Basically, at the end of the initial subscription period that you chose, you will be charged once again and your membership will be prolonged.But this one is by far the biggest and scariest one.You should be aware that has the legal rights over all information from the moment they are uploaded on the site.We are very passionate about, for many reasons. We mention this because on 10 of the 15 sites, we were forced to send multiple emails to many of the same women. As you may know, we strived for a 50% response rate. That percentage ranked an impressive 5th on our list, as did the 14 women we were able to set-up dates with.We’re passionate about the quality of site features, website design, and most importantly – we’re passionate about the women. Of those 14 women, we considered all of them attractive, intelligent, and interesting.

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