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Sexual abuse between siblings remains one of the last taboos to be addressed by society - and as such, it is rarely discussed in the media, or even among survivors themselves.

It comes as a shock to many people that children can present a risk to other children, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that children (even children within families) can post a very real risk.


Like all sexual abuse, behaviors which are regarded to be abusive are varied and numerous.

More specifically, studies have shown that between 2% (Leder, 1991) and 4% (Finkelhor, 1999) of people have been sexually victimized by a sibling as the sexual contact involved some degree of forced or coercive activity.For the sexual exploration to be deemed then the interaction is between children of a similar developmental age, where prior knowledge and experience, and physical and emotional development are on a par with each other.However, the line is crossed from sexual exploration to sexual abuse when sexual activity occurs between siblings where there is a significant difference in developmental age (more than 3 years), or where there is any use of force, tricks or coercion by one of the siblings.Like many survivors of child abuse, children may get physical pleasure from the abuse - including sexual arousal and orgasm.When a sibling is responsible for this arousal, the shame can feel enormous.

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rather than abuse, but I will refer to it as “abuse” so as not to devalue the impact that this experience can have on the survivor.

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