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Pagdating sayo curse one

Lyrics of Balang Araw – Julian Trono Di madali, di madali kung lahat lahat ay iisipin.

Ngunit sa huli, ngunit sa huli ikaw lamang ang gustong makapiling. Kay hirap tanggapin at kayanin, harapin ang katotohanan.

My memories of the trek to the summit from Camp 2 are mostly slushing through ankle-deep mud and tall grass, slipping on the path several times and just wanting to curl up in somewhere in the grass along the trail and sleep.

After what seemed like hours of endless walking when I thought we should be nearing the summit, I asked the guide if we were near.

More difficult routes are the Akiki Trail (called the “killer trail” because of an uphill ascent for 8-12 hours) and Tawangan trail (dubbed the “bloody trail” because of encounters with leeches).I know that it should be about the journey and not the destination. I had such high expectations from the trip and it seemed like such a letdown after traveling such a long distance not to have any good photos to make the trip worthwhile.It took every bit of willpower to climb to the top of the summit, but when I finally made it, all I could do was collapse behind some shrubs to shield myself from the wind.He replied “” which scared the hell out of me, since I know guides often sugarcoat distances when talking to visitors.At the height of my misery, I was cursing every single travel blogger I know who ever posted a perfect photo of Mt.

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Ang dalangin ko panghawakan mo ang pag-ibig ko At sa bawat araw ipaglalaban ka Hanggang umayos ang lahat Ako’y maghihintay Maghihintay, kahit hanggang kailan Maghihintay, kahit na masaktan At kailanman, nandito lang, walang pakialam ang puso’y sayo lang Balang Araw (sisimulan muli) Balang araw (lahat ng ito ay dadali) Balang araw.