Outlook 2016 updating conflicts

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Outlook 2016 updating conflicts

You may want to turn off Word�s autocorrect/auto-formatting when creating templates to ensure this doesn�t happen accidently.If you export translations and reimport them after changing a form label, the label isn�t changed.When users edit an editable grid, and have selected Emperor Calendar settings in Personal Options, the date values shown in the date picker popup window do not reflect the selected Emperor Date settings.Inline editing is not supported for the following data types: Lookup entity related fields (for example, for the Account entity Contact lookup, the Contact field is editable, but Email Address(Contact) is not editable).

When you try to access the Invoice, Quote, and Order Products associated grid from the Navigation menu, the icons do not appear.

When using the Outlook Web App (OWA) on mobile devices, while composing a new email, you cannot add an email template or knowledge article.

When you upload templates, Microsoft Edge drag-and-drop functionality isn�t available in builds of Windows 10 earlier than build 10565.

You�ll still be able to format text as normal; it�ll just avoid triggering the Word updates when formatting.

(2) Avoid making any changes to the text in the content control, including capitalization and adding spaces.

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The availability of all Relationship Insight features (Email Engagement, Auto Capture, Relationship Assistant, and Relationship Analytics) in other regions will be announced later.

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