Outlook 2016 public folder calendar not updating

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Outlook 2016 public folder calendar not updating

This is what most people think of when wanting Outlook group calendar or Outlook team calendar functionality; and this is what distinguishes Outlook shared calendars from Outlook group calendars and/or Outlook team calendars.

If you are interested in how to share Outlook calendar information then refer our special report: How to share Microsoft Outlook calendar and contacts.

Maybe you want to share your calendar with colleagues, or set up a company contact list. Microsoft offers another i OS and Android app named “OWA.” It stands for “Outlook Web Access,” which was the name for Office 365 webmail until Microsoft changed it because they hate us. It stands for “we can’t be bothered to rename this app because it’s going to be discontinued soon.” I don’t even know what they call Office 365 webmail today. By the time I find out today’s name, they’ll change it again. Instead, a company would set up a licensed /month mailbox just like a mailbox for an employee, with its own email address to log in and its own password.

Office 365 offers several ways to set up shared calendars and shared contacts. Most people use the built-in calendar app on their phones. Some people use the Outlook app from Microsoft on their phones. Then everyone who needed it would be given the login credentials and could add it to their phones.

You can view shared calendars and contacts on i Pads and other tablets because the screens are big enough to use webmail more or less conveniently. Employees would have to learn how to switch from one calendar to another, and how to add an appointment and have it appear on the correct calendar – their own, or the shared company calendar.

I see you smirking out there, all you phone jockeys. Trust me, that does not come easily to many people.

The shared calendars were working normally and stopped being able to update, with a "Could not be updated" error in outlook This happened with: Outlook 2010 14.0.6112.5000 (32 bit) Zarafa Outlook Client Zarafa server version 7.04.31131 according to /usr/bin/zarafa-server --help Tried to remove the outlook profile and make a new one, this didn't result in working shared calendars.

However, you must first add it as Favorite under Public Folders using the steps above.

Group calendars are commonly needed among organizations that rely on Microsoft Outlook for managing calendars.

In this special report the Outlookipedia team examines group calendar solutions for group and/or team based scheduling.

Frankly it would probably be a good idea for IT to set this up on employee phones to get the settings right.

There’s a security reason for that, too, so employees don’t know the password on the shared account.

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They are supported on every device imaginable, from Windows and Mac computers to the native mail/contact/calendar apps on i OS and Android. You can select any or all and have them displayed with color coded entries. Microsoft hasn’t updated the i Phone version of OWA since December. You can set up a shared mailbox and let everyone access it on their phones in addition to their primary Office 365 mailbox. The term “shared mailbox” is a term of art in Office 365.

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