Onlilne dating

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It's whatever you want it to be according to how it help you in your own life." While it is interesting to know the personal context under which any artist creates their work, it is the least of its value to the world. Why would I want to relive the feelings of the artist when my own feelings within the context of my world are so much richer.

The use of the song was how the person in the song has finaly found who they think is their "special person," but in fact he not a messianic savior, but rather someone bad, based on the idea that being with him would be dipping your feet in "the Devil's water."It was really good :)I think that the song is about someone that in his youth sold his soul to the devil and because of that he reached power and richess (easy climbed the mountain), but now he is dying remembering his miskakes (playing forgivness) and is hoping for Jesus to save him, he sees that boy and thinks that is Jesus but he will never know because is satan comming for him.I think that Keith of Boston really strikes the truth when it comes to any work of art whether that be music, literature, films, painting, etc,.He says, "SO, what is the meaning of When you were young?Listen, my REAL point here is this: Yes the song is great, and one thing you can do with the song, as you can with all great songs, is come up with your own meaning, that is, letting the song speak to you and affecting your own thoughts with your own life.FOR EXAMPLE, in the movie Pulp Fiction, there is/was a lot of debate over what's in the suitcase...

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