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Myanmar sex talking

One internal report written for the UN in Myanmar this past spring took that tiptoe approach to task, recommending as a "matter of urgency" a more unified and blunt UN strategy and a reset of the relationship with the Myanmar government.In April 2017, analyst Richard Horsey counselled the UN to be "frank and not to shy away from difficult topics" in dealing with the Myanmar government.They also appear to have pushed the UN to try to make changes to the way it operates in Myanmar. "I don't want the UN to get away with it yet again," said one source who spoke to CBC News and did not wish to be identified.Partly to blame, insiders say, is that UN leadership in both Myanmar and New York favoured a soft approach on the treatment of Rohingya in dealings with the Myanmar government, to avoid antagonizing it on a matter of high sensitivity in that complex country.(Stephanie Jenzer/CBC) "I don't know why they wanted us out," said Hasina Begum, Hedayet Ullah's mother, in September, while sitting inside a stifling tent on the side of a narrow Bangladeshi highway.

They say she favoured economic development over pressure to advance human rights, accusing her of "undermining" the work of more vocal, rights-focused officials tasked to work on the Myanmar file, even advising some not to travel to Rakhine.

Some of the allegations against her date back several years.

In an exit report distributed at high levels at the UN, a departing senior UN staffer said Lok-Dessallien cut short internal discussions warning about the fate of Rohingya and "discarded or simply ignored information that underscored the seriousness of the situation." The often-quoted report, also obtained by CBC News, warned the UN system was at "high risk of failure to prevent large scale violence" and that there were early signs of the "high potential for such violence." When contacted by CBC News, the author, Caroline Vandenabeele, wrote in an email, "I had hoped to be proven wrong …

These sources contend that the UN leadership in Myanmar continued to favour pushing economic development over human rights advocacy as the best means to improving the treatment of Rohingya — even after a 2012 spike in violence that ended with thousands of Rohingya sequestered in internal camps that relied entirely on foreign aid.

This was also after repeated warnings from within the UN system itself that all signs pointed to ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

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Now, there are growing signs that massacres did in fact take place, and that recent arrivals in Bangladesh had been starved into leaving Myanmar.

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