Lord the rings dating game

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Lord the rings dating game

Given the hierarchy of the guest list and the sheer amount of planning involved, the Winklemans were delighted when Marie Christine, Prince Michael’s 45-year-old wife, offered to organise the wedding.

According to those involved with the planning of the event, nearly half the budget was spent securing the venue.‘Marie Christine refers to the £40,000 as the miserable little budget,’ says a source close to the Kents.

One told The Mail on Sunday: ‘We all feel terribly sorry for Sophie because she is such a sweet girl and none of this is her fault.‘She gets on well with her mother-in-law, who she calls Ma’am, although there was a bit of a dispute over the wedding presents.

Marie Christine thought the idea of a list was vulgar and suggested that Freddie and Sophie ask guests for pieces of art so they can start a collection.

Marie Christine has told friends there was not enough money for a wedding planner.

The truth is that Freddie and Sophie’s big day is currently ‘tens of thousands of pounds’ over budget, while they are also well over the venue’s permitted capacity.

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Following the late-afternoon service in The Chapel Royal, the groom’s father, Prince Michael of Kent, who is the Queen’s cousin, will lead the line-up at the reception accompanied by his wife, Princess Michael of Kent.

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