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London england interracial dating

interracial couples are not common in the south west so this story was interesting to hear-it happened in London, the guy was a Londoner who later moved to the south west. Its a part of human nature and affects every demographic and community, even in the South West.

The story is completely irrelevant to the question and even if it was, is not representative of any wider whole. Furthermore, maybe outsiders and American's refer to 'interracial relationships'- British people who use that term to describe someone's relationship are usually of a generation when they didn't know any better.

wife knows or knew a white guy who was married to a black female in London and she was murdered by black men for being with a white guy..of honour killing I suppose, I never really understood it myself.'Honour killing'?

I think you misunderstood it badly or just misheard.

I live in Crawley (near Gatwick airport) a town 30 miles outside of London, I am white my girlfriend and kids are black, we have been all over the UK and we don't get 'stared' at, not that we have noticed anyway, besides interracial couples are common in the UK.This is mainly due to a sense of community rather than general disapproval as Londoners as a whole are 'progressive minded' and liberal and Brits in general regard it as impolite to 'get involved' in another's private life and their choices unless they are friends or relatives.Good to see that other people on this forum realise that not all environments are conducive for interracial couples.The type of people who think the answer to whether such a couple would be welcomed in London is, "I know a girl who was killed by some black folks in London in 1982".we didn't ask further, it was a bad time for him, yes it was 30 odd years ago.h 30 years ago London completely different. Lived in London and suburbs pretty much all my life up until a year ago, dated all races no issues apart from one friend of a boyfriend at a time having an issue with me a white woman dating a black guy but none from people on the street .

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I assume that anyone saying all places are equal in this regard has not travelled very much or is not very observant.