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Sometimes her routine brought her near to where I was sitting and she would blow me a kiss or very lightly touch the head of my cock with her long sculpted fingers.

That always gave me a jolt like electricity, but it was never enough to make me cum.

The rain fell hard and steady that weekend afternoon.

My lover, Gwen, and I had planned to spend the day walking up and down Michigan Avenue checking out the store window displays and, perhaps, stopping in here and there to make a purchase. Instead of being out in public, we stayed in and ended up having a very good day. For those of you who care about such things, Gwen has very dark skin, short kinky hair, is rather tall, and has a somewhat pear-shaped figure.

I’ve frequently begged Gwen to practice in the nude, but she says that wouldn’t work because I’d never give her the chance.I figure that during a typical week we’ll have some form of sex at least 10 times.That’s a minimum of 520 acts of erotic touching, talking dirty to each other, and good old oral, genital and/or anal sex every year.We’re not married, but our relationship is more solid that many married couples’.Part of our success together is a very satisfactory sex life.

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