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The easiest way is to have your 2 Excel sheets as Excel tables.Then in Excel, go to the Power Query ribbon tab, and click the 'From Excel' button.When you separate yourself from the group, you’ll give guys the go-ahead to come up and talk to you without all those intimidating girlfriends to hold him back.

This is the result of the November 12 updates, KB2837618 and KB2837643.

In addition to the IMAP problems, Outlook may crash shortly after it starts, users with Exchange 2007 mailbox may have problems setting out of office replies, retrieving free/busy or using add-ins (such as Lync) that use the SMTP address property, due to problems with autodiscover.

If the only problem is with an IMAP account, I don't recommend uninstalling these updates as they add some IMAP improvements and you'll have a better IMAP "experience" with these updates installed.

When you change the root folder, Outlook re-syncs the mailbox and folders that have not synced up will be lost if you don't have a backup copy.

The first, and preferred, method is to add Inbox to the IMAP root.

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